wentbackward | MM

Plants: Post processed in Silver Efex 2ISO 10000, Taxi footwell, cant get much blackerRegular Street ShotAliens in the bushes - Camera JPG, only cloned away the license plateWTF is that alien thing anyway?Straight shotStraight selenium JPG, 50 ElmarElmar, Perar and FriendSleeping, Love the tones here.Homewrecker Barbie. From DNG, increased contrast, cropStraight JPGJPG, straightened onlyJPG Hotel RoomJPG Hotel RoomJPG, ISO 10000 Hotel room detailsPrior to some portraits. Sorry cannot show the portraits!Straight JPG - Bamboo DetailsKids toys, 50/1.0 Noctilux, StraightFloyd, 50/1.0, Straight JPGBaby Things, 90/2AA, Straight JPG